Summer bucket list.


Since it is officially summer I am trying to take full advantage of everything summer related, that’s why I made a summer bucket list so we can make some amazing memories!

1. Watch a sunset at the beach

2. Lot’s of pool lounging

3. Make homemade popsicles

4. Watch fireworks

5. Eat BBQ!

6. Picnic at the park

7. Take an adventure to Disneyland

8. Make fresh lemonade

9. Go to the farmers market

10. Eat as many smores as posible


A good day.


We have already taken Avery to the pool a handful of times but it never stops being fun so we just keep going. We only take him in for maybe 15 minutes every time but he seems to enjoy it more and more and this last time he actually started splashing the water. It was a pretty exciting Sunday! Other than that he likes to sit and watch the palm fronds blow in the wind. And as for me I just enjoy my time outside. Once you have a baby you sometimes forget to take some time for yourself and every once in a while you have a moment of “ahh” this is amazing!